SZHP has been granted with 5 stars award for implementing excellent governmental services      |      Sheikh Zayed Housing program winning two awards      |      Ministry of Public Works winning the award of      |      National Transport Authority gaining the ISO certificate 9001 for quality management      |      Awarding Sheikh Zayed Housing program for the second time in a row as the best federal authority in the performance of the Strategic Planning for 2010      |      Awarding the Ministry of Public Works for the second time in a row as the best federal Ministry in the performance of the Strategic Planning 2010      |      Awarding Sheikh Zayed Housing program as the best federal agency in the field of strategic planning for the year 2009      |      Awarding the Ministry of Public Works as the best federal Ministry in the field of Strategic Planning for 2009
About His Highness

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan is the venerable scion of the ruling family in the United Arab Emirates.

His Highness holds BSc degree in Economics and Administration from the University Of UAE, Al Ain city in 1982.

His Highness has a long outstanding expertise in administrative and aeronautics fields, which he gained through his specialized academic study in Economics and Administration, Enriched through the advanced training courses in aviation field in the UK, which he applied proficiently in the strategic positions he led over the past years, like being appointed as Chairman of the board of Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, National Transport Authority, and Higher Committee for UAE Civil Seaports & Airports Security and Royal Jet, and as the Vice Chairman of Abu Dhabi Aviation as a previous position and as the President of the Executive Committee for the development of remote areas.

Also, through his remarkable achievements, His highness, held the presidency of The Department of Civil Aviation in Abu Dhabi for a period of fourteen years. As well as the presidency of Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Company (GAMCO) for a period of ten years, and the presidency of Gulf Air.

Worth mentioning that his highness held the honorary membership of the Royal Aeronautical Society in 1999 and the honor uniform for Pilots and Airmen Union in London city.

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